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The purpose of the ACE SIG is to create a forum where individuals with interest and expertise in academic and clinical education can interact, share, discuss, and disseminate information related to the ongoing improvement of professional pediatric physical therapy education.

Academic & Clinical Educators SIG News

  APPT Finalizes Purchase of Pediatric Physical Therapy

posted: October 17, 2017

Background: In 1988, the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy (then the Section on Pediatrics) made a motion to create a peer-reviewed journal. Academy leaders approached publisher Williams & Wilkins (now Wolters Kluwer) with a proposal to jointly form a journal, with the Academy providing editorial expertise and a subscription base and WK taking the financial risk and handling the production. In return, WK owned the title Pediatric Physical Therapy and had full copyright on all published content. During contract renegotiations in 2002, the Academy requested and was granted co-ownership of copyright for journal articles. 

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  Federal Affairs Update - October 2, 2017

posted: October 02, 2017

Please Download Federal Affairs Update - October 2, 2017 Here

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  ACE SIG Newsletter - Summer 2017

posted: September 10, 2017

ACE SIG Newsletter - Summer 2017


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  APTA joins other organizations to advocate for full funding of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

posted: July 29, 2017

APTA joins other organizations to advocate for full funding of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

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Academic & Clinical Educators SIG Resources

Current Initiatives

  • ACE SIG Restructuring - to better meet the needs of our members and highlight the innovative and talented members of the SIG, we have restructured the executive leadership committee, please click on the following link to see the new structure.
  • A Faculty Development Committee within the ACE SIG has been formed and within this structure a new Faculty Workshop is being developed with Sandra Kaplan and Robin Dole as co- chairs. The purpose of this workshop is to assist new faculty transitioning from clinical practice in pediatrics into an academic role and will be offered in the upcoming 2 years. Look for more information about this opportunity in the future.
  • APPT Education Summit II – On November 9th and 10th, 14 Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy members met with 3 invited experts in educational research, Dr. Robin Dole, Dr. Gail Jensen and Dr. Laurie Hack, to increase the knowledge and skill of attendees in educational research theory and methodology with expected outcomes of the development and dissemination of collaborative educational research projects. The following collaborative educational research projects emerged from the Summit:
    1. Develop a consensus educational research agenda
    2. Examine the uptake/use of the Essential Core Competencies
    3. Define excellence in pediatric physical therapy education
    4. Explore the efficacy of experiential/practice-based learning
  • Online Resources
    • A "Faculty Toolkit,"
    • An ACE SIG Wiki page a dynamic space to house and share dynamic teaching and learning resources that have been created by members of the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapists Academic & Clnical Educators SIG. This is a public wiki, anyone may contribute content and edit the site. Some of the current resource pages include: New Educator Toolkit, Early Clinical Exposure, Innovative Instruction, SOTL and many more....CHECK IT OUT
    • As a collective group disseminating evidence on teaching and learning in pediatric physical therapy education
      Rapport MJ, Furze J, Martin K, Schreiber J, Dannemiller LA, DiBiasio PA, Moerchen VA. Essential competencies in entry-level pediatric physical therapy education. Pediatr Phys Ther. 2014 Spring;26(1):7-18.
      Schreiber J, Moerchen V, Rapport MJ, Martin K, Furze J, Lundeen H, Pelletier E. Experiential learning with children: An essential component of professional physical therapy education. Pediatr Phys Ther 2015;27:356–367.
      Kenyon, LK, Birkmeier M, Anderson, DK, Martin, K.Innovation in Pediatric Clinical Education: Application of the Essential Competencies. Pediatr Phys Ther 2015;27:178-86.
      Furze J, Kenyon LK, Jensen GM. Connecting classroom, clinic, and context:clinical reasoning strategies for clinical instructors and academic faculty. Pediatr Phys Ther 2015;27:368-75.
    • Providing a venue for dissemination of pediatric focused educational research as a series in JOPTE, 10+ manuscripts will appear in 2017-2018. The 1st issue 2017 Volume 31 Issue 2 begins the special series. The 1st issue in the special series features an editorial by the special series guest editors Dr. Mary Jane Rapport and Dr. Jennifer Furze titled Stepping OUT in Educational Research: Pediatric Physical Therapy Education has learned to walk. Enjoy several other articles dedicated to pediatric educational research and look forward to more in the upcoming issues of JOPTE.

Communication Among ACE SIG Members

  • Click here for the ACE SIG Leadership Diagram.
  • ACE Listserv is available to promote discussion between members. All APPT Members are welcome to join the ACE Listserv by signing up on the Academy website
  • ACE Facebook Group is available to pediatric physical therapists interested in discussing topics of common interest through the Facebook platform. You can request to join the ACE SIG Facebook Group by searching "APTA Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy ACE SIG" in the main Facebook search bar.
  • APTA Online Hub has a Pediatric Section Community with discussion threads and additional information posted from the Academy, including the ACE SIG. Find it at or link to it via under Resources, APPT Listserv & Online Community.


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