Clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) produced by the APTA Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy are documents providing graded recommendations based on a systematic review of the literature using internationally acceptable methods. Teams of guideline developers work together with APTA Pediatrics members to generate guidelines that inform practice, with the goals of standardizing measures, reducing unwarranted variations in practice, and providing both clinicians and researchers with an understanding of current best practice and gaps in the literature. APTA Pediatrics CPGs are reviewed every 5 years for reaffirmation or updating, depending on the availability of new evidence.

Supplemental tools, such as family or professional summaries, are created by APTA Pediatrics members. They are provided to assist Physical Therapists (PTs) with implementation of the recommendations and education of families and professionals. PTs are encouraged to share the APTA Pediatrics CPGs and the appropriate tools with their clients and referral sources.

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