Fall 2019 Election Results

Beginning at CSM 2020, the Academy Board will be: Cindy Miles, President; Lynn Jeffries, VP; Lori Glumac, Secretary; Sandy Arnold, Treasurer; Director of Advocacy, Maria Jones; Director of Academic & Clinical Education, Jennifer Furze; Director of Leadership Development, Erin Bompiani; Director of Member Communications & PR, Jason Cook; Director of Practice, Jan McElroy; Director of Professional Development, Tricia Catalino; Director of Research, Jennifer Christy. 

The incoming Nominating Committee member will be Lisa Dannemiller, and the incoming Student & New Professional Chair will be Brigid Griffin.  THANK YOU to all the Academy leaders and candidates for the support and energy you give to your profession – the Academy is only as strong as our wonderful volunteers!  There will be many ways to be involved in the coming months – opportunities will be announced in upcoming issues of this Milestones newsletter.

APTA Pediatrics Organizational Chart

Fall 2019 APTA Pediatrics Elections

The 2019 election this fall will bring the opportunity for 9 elected positions, including the President, 7 new Director positions over different specialty areas, and a Nominating Committee member. Per the vote at CSM 2019, the Director positions will be restructured to represent strategic plan specialty areas, rather than geographic regions.

A one-time special election will be held to transition the Board of Directors to this new format in Fall 2019. Directors will be elected into staggered terms, with all 7 non-officer Directors beginning their terms in 2020 and 2 Director first terms ending in 2021 (Academic & Clinical Education, Research), 3 Director first terms ending in 2022 (Professional Development, Practice, Member Communications & PR), and 2 Director first terms ending in 2023 (Advocacy, Leadership Development). Click the position title to review the new Board position descriptions, as well as the ones for President and Nominating Committee member.