Pediatric Physical Therapy is the only journal devoted exclusively to pediatric physical therapy. It provides a forum for scientific and professional exchange among researchers and practitioners throughout the world that represent subspecialties of the discipline, including early intervention, neonatology, pediatric sports and fitness, school physical therapy, acute care, and the prevention of primary and secondary conditions that lead to disabling conditions. Submissions from around the world enable a rich exchange of information from both developed and developing countries. The journal provides a range of supplemental digital materials and is committed to providing high-quality translations that broaden the reach of the journal.

Pediatric Physical Therapy serves as the official journal for a number of international pediatric physical therapy associations in addition to the APTA Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy. In the interest of accessibility, the journal provides free access to articles within the first year of publication. Only APTA Pediatrics members can access the rich archive of 20+ years of online articles.

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