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We hope to see you February 2-5 in San Antonio for APTA’s Combined Sections Meeting! APTA is following all CDC guidelines and protocols, and APTA Pediatrics is offering a terrific track of pediatric programming and more. Highlights include:

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APTA Pediatrics Proposed Bylaw Amendments: Member Vote at Business Meeting

History: At the 2021 APTA House of Delegates a historical vote occurred allowing Academy’s/Sections to be allowed to vote in the APTA House of Delegates (HOD). Each Academy/Section is allowed a Chief Delegate and a second delegate.

General implications of these proposed APTA Pediatrics bylaw amendments:

  1. Allow for a Chief Delegate to be elected in 2022 to a 3-year term.
  2. Set up a means for the Academy to elect a “Chief Delegate-elect” to be elected in 2024. Reasoning: Participating in the APTA HOD is a major undertaking. Having a means for a Chief Delegate-Elect will allow that individual to be mentored by the current Chief Delegate during the year (including the HOD meeting) prior to taking on the 3-year Chief Delegate term.
  3. The APTA Pediatrics President will serve as the Academy’s second voting delegate at the APTA HOD.
  4. One additional amendment is recommended to provide clarity to the voting process.

Specific proposed bylaw amendments.

Move to add in Article VII. Officers, Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Section 1, B, 1 a new duty for the president of the Academy.

            g. Service as the second delegate at APTA House of Delegate meetings.

Move to add in Article VII. Officers, Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Section 6: Vacancies, B the word or Chief Delegate so the sentence would read.

B:         In the event of a vacancy, due to resignation or failure to fulfill the duties, in the office of Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director, or Chief Delegate the Board of Directors shall appoint a member in good standing to serve the unexpired portion of the term.

Move in Article IX. Delegates a replacement with the following:


Section 1: Requirements

A.         An Academy Chief Delegate, Chief Delegate-elect and second delegate may not, in the same year, serve as a chapter delegate.         

B.         The Academy must be represented in the House of Delegates at least every third year.

Section 2: Election and Term

  1. The Chief Delegate shall serve a term of 3 years or until the election of their successor.
  2. The Chief Delegate-elect shall serve a one year term prior to assuming the duties of Chief Delegate. The Chief Delegate-elect shall be elected every 3 years.

C.         The Chief Delegate and Chief Delegate-elect shall assume office at the close of the Academy’s business meeting.

PROVISO: The Chief Delegate will be elected in 2022 in a one-time election.

PROVISO: The Chief Delegate-elect will be elected in 2024.

Section 3: Duties of Delegates

A.         To attend the annual and special meetings of the House of Delegates of the Association.

B.         To present to the House of Delegates such matters as are approved by the Board of Directors, and/or the voting body.

C.         The Chief Delegate shall notify Association headquarters of the name of the Chief-Delegate and second delegate as required by the Association and the Standing Rules of the House of Delegates.

Move in Article X. Election the additional of Chief Delegate-elect in the opening sentence so it would read:

The Board of Directors, Chief Delegate-elect and members of the Nominating and Elections Committee, shall be elected.

Move in Article X. Election, B. the following deletion:

  1. Voting for Executive Committee and Board of Directors shall be by mail or electronic ballot. When 2 or more candidates seek office, the candidate with the plurality of votes cast shall be declared elected. In the case of a tie, there will be a run-off election to determine the winner.

Reason: All elected positions are voted on by mail or electronic ballot. Not just the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.


To see current APTA Pediatrics Bylaws,



To see a clean copy of the revised APTA Pediatrics Bylaws (including proposed amendments),


APTA Pediatrics Board Announces New Strategic Plan, Mission, Vision 2022-2025

In October, the APTA Pediatrics Board of Directors hosted a facilitated, in-person Strategic Planning Meeting to create a new APTA Pediatrics Strategic Plan. This plan will guide the activities of APTA Pediatrics from 2022 through 2025 and was based on feedback gathered via the member survey we conducted earlier this year. The Strategic Plan also includes updated vision, mission, and values statements.


Participate in the APTA Pediatrics Fitness Initiative!

APTA Pediatrics members, non-members, and families are encouraged to join our new Fitness Initiative! Participants will set a goal and move toward that goal. This is a great opportunity to promote our profession during National Physical Therapy Month in October and beyond!  Although no donation is required, we welcome your support in any amount – money raised will benefit the Wonderfund, which will help families purchase adaptive equipment to enable their children to reach their full potential.  Visit www.pediatricapta.org/fitness for participation ideas, to sign up, and to see how you can share your progress! 

Pediatric Physical Therapy Journal Online-only Beginning in 2022

Earlier this year, the APTA Pediatrics Board of Directors voted to follow the lead of PTJ, the APTA journal, and move Pediatric Physical Therapy to online-only beginning in 2022. The upcoming issue will be the last print issue. This decision was made based on usage trends, environmental impact, and cost savings (primarily because print advertising has all but disappeared). You will continue to receive the same great high-quality content – and even more with an increase in digital pages!
PPT will continue to publish its valuable, not-to-be-missed content on a quarterly basis. It will continue to be easily accessible through the link on the APTA Pediatrics website that takes members to the journal, optimized for viewing on any device. If you are not already familiar with accessing PPT online, please take a moment to follow the instuctions in this how-to document. Download file
Please sign in HERE and log in to start reading! If you need assistance, please email LWW Member Service at memberservice@lww.com or call 1.866.489.0443.
Cindy Miles, PT, PCS
President, APTA Pediatrics
Linda Fetters, PT, PhD
Editor, Pediatric Physical Therapy

Update on APTA Pediatrics Centennial Scholars

The APTA Centennial Scholars Program, part of APTA's Centennial Celebration, is designed to build a cadre of future association leaders at both the chapter/section/academy and national levels. APTA Pediatrics has sponsored two individuals to participate in this 12-month long leadership development program. We are excited to share the update below with our members to formally introduce our scholars and highlight the impressive work they are doing with their capstone projects.

Erin Bompiani, PT, DPT

Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Pediatric Physical Therapy

Director of Leadership Development, Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy


Emily Quinn, PT, DPT

Emily Quinn is a graduate of Ithaca College and currently works in an outpatient pediatric clinic. She has experience working in a variety of settings: hospital-based outpatient, inpatient, and acute care, as well as school-based. As a Chinese adoptee, she has had an interest in diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice work from a young age, and her lived experiences through her intersecting identities has only increased this interest into a passion. It is through this passion that she found the APTA Pediatrics Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee where she serves as a member. Emily is looking forward to increasing her knowledge of leadership and how she can increase representation in APTA leadership, as well as increasing opportunities for underserved and unserved communities through the Centennial Scholar program, as well as increasing her own connections with other colleagues from a variety of settings. 

For Emily’s capstone project, she has chosen to explore how pediatric PTs can better serve children in out-of-home care (more commonly known as the foster care system). The purpose of this project is to increase members’ awareness of health disparities and health risks that are or may be present and provide education regarding how clinicians can better serve this population, including possible collaboration with other health professionals. Additionally, the project will provide individuals in the out-of-home care with knowledge regarding pediatric wellness and the role of Pediatric Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants. 

Emily is currently working on reviewing data to create a glossary of important terms to know when working with children in out-of-home care, and she is obtaining general population statistics of this population. She also has created this survey for you all to fill out and share with other Pediatric PTs and PTAs to obtain baseline data on how pediatric PTs are currently serving children in out-of-home care to fill out by June 15, 2021.  

Josie Kautsky, PT, DPT

Josie is a pediatric physical therapist who graduated with her DPT from the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota. She recently completed her pediatric residency at the University of Miami. During school she was involved with APTA ND and began working with the Students and New Professionals group (now SNP SIG) for APTA Pediatrics. She currently works in a pediatric outpatient setting in Billings, MT. She is part of the SNP SIG leadership and serves as the Communications Chair. 

For her capstone project, Josie is working collaboratively with leadership throughout APTA Pediatrics to develop and implement a Volunteer Engagement Toolkit. The purpose of this project will be to optimize the engagement with all volunteers across APTA Pediatrics, to help support and connect with members who are interested in volunteering, and to  celebrate the work of the current volunteers vital to our organization. Ultimately, our hope is that the project will enhance member connection to the academy which coincides with APTA Pediatrics dedication to developing the next generation of leaders in pediatric physical therapy