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Go to If you are prompted to log on, please use your APTA login.

The Pediatric Physical Therapy is now online only. You will receive an email when the newest issue is available. (If you don't receive an email, check your member Profile at to make sure that your email address is current and verify your membership to APTA Pediatrics.) You can access the current issue, the past 20 years of articles, past and current podcasts and video interviews with authors, Beyond the Read journal-based courses, and more through the APTA Pediatrics website ( under the professionals tab then Pediatric PT Journal.

Visit under Professionals/Special Interest Groups. There is no fee to join.

If you are a member of APTA Pediatrics, you can log in to the Education Hub using the email that you have registered as a member of APTA in the Email line and your APTA member number in the Password line. Please check your APTA Profile to make sure you are using the correct email address and update as needed.

All APTA members can access the APTA Online Membership Directory at under APTA and You/Explore APTA Membership/Member Directory. A listing of chapters and sections can be found under APTA and You/Chapters & Sections.

If you're an individual APTA Pediatrics member, we can post your approved survey in Milestones, the APTA Pediatrics electronic newsletter. Complete the Research Survey Request Form found in the APTA Pediatrics Policy and Procedure Manual at or request it from

If you're an APTA Pediatrics member doing a survey on behalf of APTA Pediatrics, you can email a short blurb about the survey to for inclusion in the next issue.

If you're not an APTA Pediatrics member, you can request a mailing list of our members at under About Us/Advertising.

Please be advised that APTA Pediatrics membership is not necessarily representative of the larger pediatric physical therapy community; not all pediatric physical therapists are members of APTA or APTA Pediatrics.

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