This 2020 CPG on concussion, synonymous with mild traumatic brain injury, is the product of the APTA Academies of Orthopaedic, Pediatric, Sports and Neurologic Physical Therapy. It addresses incidence, risk factors, diagnosis, screening, examination, treatment and monitoring of patients who are at risk or who have sustained a concussion, based on a systematic review of literature through December 2018.

A concussion or mild traumatic brain injury is induced by biomechanical forces but does not result in an extended period of unconsciousness, amnesia or significant neurological signs. The guideline addresses cervical musculoskeletal, vestibulo-oculomotor, autonomic dysfunction and exertional intolerance, and motor function impairments.


For Health Care Providers:

This supplement is geared at health care professionals who may refer to physical therapy or for whom a physical therapist may provide education about concussion management and the role of physical therapy. It is based on the 2020 Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment After Concussion/Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Clinical Practice Guideline. It is designed to be a double-sided 1 page handout.