The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) recommends that an Annual Physical Therapy Visit be available to individuals of all ages. To support therapists in meeting this recommendation, the APTA in collaboration with Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy has developed the Annual Physical Therapy Visit: Pediatric Template.

Visit the APTA webpage for details about the Annual Physical Therapy Visit for individuals of all ages

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This template incorporates aspects of the Bright Futures Guidelines, the Guide to Physical Therapy Practice 3.0, and the Movement Screen. The purpose of the Annual Physical Therapy Visit is to engage physical therapists and families in assessing and monitoring the status of ALL children on a yearly regular basis and shifting the paradigm of physical therapy care to one of prevention and monitoring across the lifespan. By using the Annual Physical Therapy Visit Pediatric Template, pediatric physical therapists can:

  • Collect consistent baseline measures and updated information on the function
    and health of the child's movement system
  • Use evidence-based assessments and screening to determine the need for further evaluation/physical therapy intervention
  • Coach regarding the benefit of movement and healthy behaviors to support wellness
  • Identify children with risk factors that might impact mobility and participation in age-appropriate activities
  • Encourage independence in daily activities and participation in family/community life
  • Collaborate with medical professionals and community agencies to provide
    optimal and coordinated care to the child and family
While clinicians may choose to adapt this template, care should be taken to consider all suggested elements with focus on the observation of movement and how other systems impact the movement system

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