APTA Pediatrics Election Results

Thank you to everyone who voted or ran in the APTA Pediatrics election! Participation was not as high as we would have wished, with 251 votes cast (4.61% of eligible voters). Congratulations to the following, who will officially begin their terms at the end of the APTA Pediatrics Business Meeting: 

  • VP: Priscilla Weaver
  • Secretary: Robin Dole
  • Research Director: Alyssa Fiss
  • ACE Director: Heather Lundeen
  • Nominating Committee Member: Dana McCarty

Congratulations to Jamie Boswell Hall, PT, DPT, PhD, who won the drawing (of those who voted) for a complimentary Annual Conference On-Demand registration!

APTA Pediatrics is only as strong as our wonderful volunteers! If you’d like to get involved in leadership, sign up for APTA Engage to get curated volunteer announcements or consider one of the following positions, which will be on the slate next year (with positions starting after CSM 2025):

  • Treasurer
  • Director of Member Communications & PR
  • Director of Practice
  • Director of Professional Development
  • Nominating & Elections Committee member

Position descriptions can be found in the online Policy & Proceudure Manual or requested from executivedirector@pediatricapta.org.

Join Mighty Networks (APTA Pediatrics members only)

Mighty Networks is free for members of APTA Pediatrics. You can do things like chat with a member or ask a question, join a Community of Practice or Journal Club, or attend the latest events and meetings! Click here to join.

Mighty Networks is a one-stop shop for all things APTA Pediatrics:

  • Free for APTA Pediatric section members
  • Great networking opportunity
  • Ask questions or discuss common interests with one of the special interest groups or a community of practice
  • Participate in a journal club (read evidence-based articles and discuss how to apply it to your practice)
  • And more!

Direct questions to practicedevelopment@pediatricapta.org.

Help Assess the Needs of Students, Residents, Fellows

The Academy of Physical Therapy Education is conducting a needs assessment with the objective of determining perceived professional development needs of individuals involved in the academic and/or clinical education of physical therapy students (PT or PTA), residents, or fellows. The goal is the provision of relevant and focused opportunities for individuals to develop new knowledge and skills related to their professional responsibilities. Please complete the needs assessment survey here.

New Journal Manuscript Category

New Journal Manuscript Category: Physical Therapy for Low Resourced Populations

This new category for Pediatric Physical Therapy was inspired by the Ann Van Sant Global Scientific Writing Lectureship presented by Toby Long, the first PPT Editor-in-Chief, at the 2023 Combined Sections Meeting. Dr Long emphasized the need for physical therapy for low-resourced populations around the globe.

This new category of manuscript is in support of sharing knowledge of physical therapy challenges and successes in working with low resourced populations. Submissions are welcomed from countries outside of the United States (US) and from those working with low resourced populations in the US. Pediatric Physical Therapy seeks to expand global knowledge of how physical therapy is delivered, studied, and supported with people who have reduced resources.

The content of submissions may be research, practice, special communication, commentary, or any content type supported by Pediatric Physical Therapy. Manuscript should be a maximum of 3500 words with an abstract of a maximum of 150 words. The numbers of tables, figures and references are open to the number necessary to provide appropriate information on the topic.

In support of increasing access to articles in Pediatric Physical Therapy all articles are made freely available 12 months after publication. Pediatric Physical Therapy also grants immediate free or very inexpensive access to countries that qualify and register through participation in the Research4Life's Hinari program. Hinari was made available in January 2002, with 1500 journals from 6 major publishers: Blackwell, Elsevier Science, the Harcourt Worldwide STM Group, Wolters Kluwer International Health & Science, Springer Verlag and John Wiley, following the principles in a Statement of Intent signed at the Program launch in July 2001.

Please contact Editor-in-Chief Linda Fetters at editor@pediatricapta.org with any questions.

APTA House of Delegates 2023: A Snapshot

The 2023 APTA House of Delegates convened both online July 8 and in person July 23-24. The House brings together leaders and advocates in the physical therapy profession to address key issues in healthcare. Here's a snapshot of the highlights from this year's House:

Representation by Academy of Pediatrics: The Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy was represented at this year's House by Academy President Mary Jane Rapport and Chief Delegate Dawn Kelly James.

Presidential Address: The House commenced with APTA President Roger Herr's annual presidential address. Herr highlighted workforce challenges, innovation in practice, and evolving payment models as areas of focus for the profession.

Equity and Transparency: The House discussed and approved motions (RC 17-23, RC 18-23, RC 21-23) emphasizing equitable pay regardless of gender or gender identity and supporting pay transparency by employers of PTs and PTAs.

Professional Advancement: APTA expanded its definition of specialization to include subspecialization, recognizing distinct knowledge and skills within physical therapy specialties (RC 3-23 and RC 4-23).

Practice Standards: The House reinforced the importance of jurisdictional statutes and regulations over third-party payer policies, ensuring ethical and legal practice standards (RC 27-23).

PTAs: Responding to the 2022 PTA education summit report, the House passed RC 9-23, calling for an exploration of alternative PTA education and practice models. It also revised the bylaws to allow components to include one PTA as a component delegate to enhance diversity in representation (RC 25-23).

Societal Health: The House recognized the profession's role in improving health outcomes through motions supporting rural health initiatives (RC 19-23), advocating for PTs as providers for post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 (RC 2-23), and acknowledging the roles of PTs and PTAs in community-based health programs (RC 15-23).

Education and Advocacy: The House supported increased education regarding potential human trafficking signs (RC 6-23) and emphasized the inclusion of physical therapist referrals in clinical practice guidelines for clearer recommendations (RC 13-23).

Community-Based Health Programs: APTA will develop resources empowering PTs and PTAs to leverage their expertise and play a more prominent role in referring patients to community-based health programs (RC 15-23).

Honorary Membership: Dean Jacks, PhD, and Richard Macko, MD, were honored with APTA honorary membership for their significant contributions to the profession.

Detailed information about all of the motions along with recordings of the proceedings can be found in the 2023 Post House Packet available through the APTA website.

The 2023 APTA House of Delegates marked another significant step in shaping the future of physical therapy, ensuring the profession's continued growth, and promoting equitable, high-quality care for all. Academy members are encouraged to contact the Chief Delegate, Dawn Kelly James at delegate@pediatricapta.org with any questions about the 2023 House or with ideas for future motions.

2023 Board-Certified Pediatric Clinical Specialists

In 1981 the APTA House of Delegates approved board certification in the area of pediatrics. The first pediatrics specialist certification examination was administered in 1986. Of the 37,752 certified specialists, 2,751 are Pediatric Certified Specialists. Congratulations to the 196 new Board-Certified Clinical Specialists in Pediatrics!

Jessica Altman, PT, DPT

Abigail Baeza, PT, DPT

Taylor Barilla, PT, DPT

Jessica Basha, PT, DPT

Laura Basi, PT

Monica Bell, PT, DPT

Jessica Bender, PT

Mary Kate Bennett, PT, DPT

Danielle Blankenship, PT, DPT

Kristen Blatt, PT, DPT

Hailey Boyer, PT, DPT

Alyssa Bradford, PT

Kristi Brelsford, PT

Lisa Bryant, PT, DPT

Courtney Bucher, PT, DPT

Elisabeth Bulliner, PT, DPT

Rachel Burch, PT, DPT

Hannah Burton, PT, DPT

Amanda Butler, PT, DPT

Thea Byrne, PT, DPT

Margaret Caffrey-Neil, PT

Adrianna Castilla, PT, DPT

Caroline Chaloner, PT, DPT

Gabriel Chan, PT

Joseph Chew, PT, MPT

Mindy Chu, PT, DPT

Katie Chung, PT, DPT

Eva Ciccodicola, PT, DPT

Alycia Clark, PT, DPT

Michael Commesso, PT, DPT

Emily Compagner, PT, DPT

Kelly Conte, PT, DPT

Alysha Croke, PT

Giselle Cruz, PT, DPT

Catherine Cunningham, PT, DPT

Sarah Curiel, PT, DPT

Laura Curran, PT

Ashalee Cyr, PT, DPT

Annie Dao, PT, DPT

Samantha Davey, PT, DPT

MaryEllen Davis, PT, DPT

Michele DeGarmo, PT

Nicollette DeLaine, PT, DPT

Rachel Derian, PT, DPT

Michelle Diamond, PT, MSPT

Katherine Dingman, PT, DPT

Amanda Dojack, PT, DPT

Rebecca Dugan, PT, DPT

Kristen Duncan, PT, DPT

Julia Dwyer, PT, DPT

Kayla Evans, PT

Elizabeth Farsi, PT, DPT

Breanne Fletcher-Hardy, PT, DPT

Aaron Focht, PT, DPT

Julia Fogliano, PT, DPT

Nicole Fox, PT, DPT

Lisa Friedlander, PT

Erika Frisbie, PT

Nicole Galluzzo, PT, DPT

Jacqueline Gardner Hoag, PT, DPT

Samantha Garza, PT

Jenna Georgacakis-Nurre, PT

Kristin Girshin, PT, DPT

Mariah Gonzalez, PT, DPT

Javier Gonzalez, PT, DPT

Angaleen Goodwin, PT, DPT

Laura Graber, PT, DPT

Garrett Graham, PT, DPT

Patricia Gries, PT

Brigid Griffin, PT, DPT

Paige Gunter, PT, DPT

Allison Haley, PT, DPT

Mogeeboul Hamed, PT, DPT

Jane Harpster, PT

Kara Harvey, PT

Joshua Heinly, PT, DPT

Rita Hermann, PT, DPT

Nancy Heuer, PT, DPT

Heather Higashi, PT, DPT

Brigitta Hohl, PT, DPT

Hannah Horwath, PT

Benjamin Hurston, PT, DPT

Lauren Hutcheson, PT, DPT

Holly Ingham, PT, DPT

Megan Johnson, PT

Aileen Jones, PT

Erica Jones-Griffin, PT, DPT

Nicolette Juncker, PT, DPT

Marlyn Kato, PT, DPT

Kristen Kelsen, PT, DPT

Stephanie Kent, PT, DPT

Julia King, PT

Marlene King, PT, DPT

Jackilyn Kleckner, PT

Amy Klinepeter, PT, DPT

Anita Knight, PT, DPT

Sarah Kojetin, PT, DPT

Michele Kunde, PT, DPT

Kayla Lee, PT

Shawna Lee, PT, DPT

Pamela Liang, PT

Wendy Lirgameris, PT, MSPT

Ray Lunasin, PT, DPT

Cayla Maher, PT, DPT

Emma Marino, PT, DPT

Megan Marra, PT, DPT

Rebecca Martel, PT, DPT

Christina McCauley, PT, DPT

Daniel McKee, PT, DPT

Audrey Mensen, PT, DPT

Megan Merrill, PT, DPT

Shelley Mockler, PT, MPT, DSc

Ryann Montano, PT, DPT

Amy Moore, PT

Caroline Moore, PT, DPT

Sarah Morris, PT

Shelby Moss, PT, DPT

Cassandra Movinsky, PT, DPT

Shelbi Moxley, PT, DPT

Sarah Mozzochi, PT, DPT

Melanie Natalie, PT, DPT

Hannah Nettleton, PT, DPT

Erika Netzorg, PT, DPT

Ariann Neutts, PT, DPT

Kelly Ly Nguyen, PT, DPT

Christine Nguyen, PT

Lauren Niewiadomski, PT, DPT

Julie OConnor, PT, DPT

Miranda Orlowski, PT, DPT

Robert Osborne, PT, DPT

Jill Owen, PT, DPT

Jessica Panzarino, PT, DPT

Jessica Passarelli, PT, DPT

Sarena Patel, PT

Reetu Patel-Tiwari, PT

Meghan Pefley, PT, DPT

Rebecca Perez, PT

Taylor Permenter, PT, DPT

Jordan Peterson, PT, DPT

Kathy Pharies, PT, DPT

Sahar Pourtaheri, PT, DPT

Tara Pratt, PT, DPT

Mason Prickett, PT, DPT

Jamie Proffitt, PT

Zofia Protasiuk, PT, DPT

Kelly Quigley, PT, DPT

Erin Ransom, PT, DPT

Sarah Reichel, PT, DPT

Stephanie Reilly, PT, DPT

Julie Reiner, PT, DPT

Lauren Ribic, PT, DPT

Emma Salyer, PT

Megha Sanjiv, PT

Kimberly Scarberry, PT, DPT

Wendy Schnare, PT, DPT

Anne Schneider, PT

Sabrina Schoolnik, PT, DPT

Maeli Schulte, PT

Caitlin Segelke, PT, DPT

Safiyeh Shalash, PT, DPT

Jessica Sherman, PT, DPT

Jessica Silveira, PT, DPT, PhD

Eva Simons, PT, DPT

Claudia Sipakati, PT, DPT

Cynthia Slomowitz, PT

Shimeka Smith, PT

Madeline Smith, PT, DPT

Melissa Smith, PT, DPT

Chelsea Snell, PT, DPT

Lauren Snyder, PT

Alexis Standfield, PT, DPT

Melissa Staskal, PT

Bari Stein, PT

Tracy Stevens, PT, DPT

Jaclyn Strah, PT, DPT

Leah Swahlan, PT, DPT

Emily Thomas, PT, DPT

Sarah Tintle, PT, DPT

Diana Trejo, PT

Nichole Tremblay, PT

Cathy Van Drew, PT

Alyson Wagner, PT

April Wall, PT, DPT

Anna Waynick, PT, DPT

Rachael Weitknecht, PT, DPT

Rachel Welch, PT

Amanda Whitmire, PT, DPT

Julia Wiggins, PT, DPT

Veronica Wildermuth, PT

Nichole Williams, PT

Marina Wright, PT, DPT

Allison Young, PT

Caroline Young, PT, DPT

Sharon Yurs, PT

Emma Zheng, PT, DPT

Chloe Zimmerer, PT, DPT

Due to the ABPTS transition from Recertification to MOSC process and the resultant delay of the MOSC exam by 1 year, there were only 3 pediatric recertifications for 2023; congratulations to the following:

Alisa Brewer, PT,  DPT, DSc

Heidi Friedman, PT

Barbara Sargent, PT, PhD

Find out more about becoming a PCS on our Become a Pediatric Specialist webpage!

APTA Pediatrics Members Honored by APTA

Congratulations to the following APTA Pediatrics members who received 2023 Honors and Awards from APTA:  

  • Catherine Worthingham Fellow Award: Jennifer Braswell Christy, PT, PhD, FAPTA
  • Catherine Worthingham Fellow Award: Minal S. Jain, PT, DScPT, FAPTA, Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Pediatric Physical Therapy
  • Catherine Worthingham Fellow Award: Michele A. Lobo, PT, PhD, FAPTA
  • Lucy Blair Service Award: Joyce Maring, PT, DPT, EdD,
  • Humanitarian Award: Claudia R. Senesac, PT, PhD, Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Pediatric Physical Therapy
  • Minority Scholarship Award: Rosedaveia Howell, PT 

Honorees will be will be recognized next year at the 2024 APTA Honors & Awards ceremony on 7/21 in Kansas City, MO.

Update on 8/23 Special Membership Meeting

At the Special Membership Meeting on 8/23, APTA Pediatrics membership voted to increase Academy dues according to the chart below. Thank you to the members who joined the meeting, which was announced ahead of time in compliance with our bylaws. It was important to hear about concerns, answer questions from members, and listen to suggestions of what the Academy may want to consider relative to dues generation and donations in the future. Thank you to everyone who was present and who shared personal perspectives. The limited increase will help the Academy continue to provide quality services to our members and the profession. The increase will be reflected in APTA dues renewals and new member dues starting in 2024.


Annual Academy Dues





Student PT/Student PTA


PT – Post Professional Student


PTA Advanced Degree Student


Life member PT/Life member PTA


Retired PT/Retired PTA