Academic & Clinical Educators Special Interest Group

The purpose of the ACE SIG is to create a forum where individuals with interest and expertise in academic and clinical education can interact, share, discuss, and disseminate information related to the ongoing improvement of professional pediatric physical therapy education.

Academic & Clinical Educators SIG News


Academic & Clinical Educators SIG Resources

Current Initiatives

  • ACE SIG members, led by Lisa Dannemiller, have worked over the past 2 years to develop a New Educator Toolkit ( This resource provides information with things to consider when getting involved in academia, outlines information about PT academia, and provides resources for course development. You can find the toolkit under fact sheets and resources.
  • Based on interest in having a dynamic and shared resource for specific teaching and learning ideas, ACE SIG members have started and contributed to a Wiki Space. On the wiki, you can browse and share ideas, resources, documents, articles related to teaching and learning in pediatric physical therapy.
  •  Integrated vs Stand-Alone Pediatric Content Delivery - ACE SIG Subcommittee Chair Eydie Kendall has been working with others to gather information about how pediatric content is included within the overall curriculum at PT programs across the country.
  • JOPTE Pediatric Education Special Series - A special series on pediatric education focusing on best educational practices will appear in approximately 4 of the upcoming issues of the Journal of Physical Therapy Education beginning in 2017. This special series co-edited by Mary Jane Rapport and Jennifer Furze is intended to identify the curricular elements and instructional changes that will be necessary to ensure the provision of high quality physical therapy services for pediatric patients and adults with lifelong developmental disabilities. Numerous members of the ACE SIG have authored upcoming papers in this special series - congratulations to all of you!
  • APPT Education Summit II - Education Summit I was held in 2012 and was focused on exploring optimal pediatric professional physical therapy education practices, recommending strategies to develop resources and support academic faculty and clinical educators to provide the highest level of education, and suggesting educational research projects to identify optimal educational practices. This resulted in the establishment and publication of the Essential Competencies in Entry-Level Pediatric Physical Therapy Education (Pediatr Phys Ther. 2014 Spring;26(1):7-18) along with the development of the ACE SIG, the new Faculty Toolkit, and 3 additional manuscripts (one on the essential competencies applied to clinical education, one on clinical reasoning in pediatrics, and the other on experiential learning in pediatrics).
    Education Summit II is being held as a follow-up to this and will be focused on increasing the knowledge and skill of attendees in educational research theory and methodology with expected outcomes of the development and dissemination of collaborative educational research projects. The organizational committee members of Summit II, Kathy Martin, Vickie Moerchen, and Heather Lundeen deserve recognition for their dedication and commitment in making this a successful endeavor. The application process for participation in Education Summit II took place in the fall of 2015. Selected participants have been at work preparing and will meet in Denver prior to APPTAC 2016 in Keystone.

Communication Among ACE SIG Members

  • ACE Listserv is available to promote discussion between members. All APPT Members are welcome to join the ACE Listserv by signing up on the Academy website
  • ACE Facebook Group is available to pediatric physical therapists interested in discussing topics of common interest through the Facebook platform. You can request to join the ACE SIG Facebook Group by searching "APTA Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy ACE SIG" in the main Facebook search bar.
  • APTA Online Hub has a Pediatric Section Community with discussion threads and additional information posted from the Academy, including the ACE SIG. Find it at or link to it via under Resources, APPT Listserv & Online Community.


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