Happy National Physical Therapy Month!  So exciting to celebrate our profession, the commitment of our members to our profession, our Association, and the families we serve. #ChoosePT!

The excitement continues starting November 18, when Academy members and potential members gather for APTA Pediatrics’ Annual Conference in Portland, OR. For the first time since 2019 we are


The excitement builds for Pre-cons, Plenaries, Training Workshops, Concurrent Sessions, Platform Presentations, Town Hall, Exhibit Hall, SIG Gatherings, SPALs Meet and Greet, Student & New Professional Meeting and Mixer, Social Event - Walking & Food Tour of Portland and


Let’s leap together into learning, optimism, hope, fun, and a bucket full of resilience. REMINDER: Optimists are wrong as often as pessimists but we have more FUN!!

As I approach my last few months as president, I am grateful to all APTA Pediatric volunteers and members. I am in awe of all that each of you have tackled during unpredictable and unprecedented times; your unwavering commitment to our members, the children and families, and each other.

Check out our web presence, including COVID 19, Telehealth, Annual Visit, ChoosePT, Advocacy, Reimbursement, Education, Research, DEI, and Family Resource pages.  We now have 10 Special Interest Groups, all of them have increased their presence to the benefit of our members.

Pretty sure as we forge ahead there will be more unknown challenges. Maintaining optimism and building resilience will keep us strong, positive, and hopeful to approach each challenge with renewed strength, confidence, and kindness for everyone.

Let’s keep our vision and passion. Embrace our past, maintain the grit and determination our founders personified, and look forward to the future. Recognize we are ONE WORLD, and we must all take care of the planet and its people as we serve in our own unique capacity within the APTA Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy!

APTA Pediatrics accepts the challenge to be Agents of Change!”

THANK YOU ALL for your support, encouragement, and especially for believing in me throughout my service to the Academy.  What a privilege to be part of this adventure.


Cindy Miles, PT, PhD

Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Pediatric Physical Therapy

President Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pronouns: she, her, hers




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