Our Values

The Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) promotes the highest quality of life for all children, people with developmental disabilities, and their families. The Academy represents pediatric physical therapy and promotes its members as practitioners of choice for children (birth to 21 years) with or at risk for movement dysfunction. The Academy also serves as a collective voice to further the role of pediatric physical therapists and physical therapist assistants.

Our specialty section is home to almost 5,000 members who work tirelessly to enhance the abilities and lives of the children and families we work alongside of each day. The children we serve range in age from pre-term infants to teenagers and even those with developmental disabilities who are entering adulthood. These clients can receive physical therapy services in a variety of settings, including the home, school, daycare, hospital, outpatient centers, and rehabilitation hospitals. The Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy is committed to furthering our knowledge to better serve the children in our communities, and places a great deal of importance on continuing education. The Academy hosts a variety of continuing education courses, including the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Annual Conference (APPTAC), which brings together pediatric therapists from across the country and around the globe to network, share ideas, and advance our area of practice.

The field of pediatrics is growing rapidly with advances in health care and in our knowledge of childhood development. The Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy invites you to join us for exciting adventures in teaching, learning, and exploring through play, and to make a difference to the children we serve!

To learn more about pediatric physical therapy and the Academy on Pediatrics, please explore this website. Other items of interest (meeting minutes, financial reports, policies) are available to Academy members upon request by contacting [email protected]. Click here for more information about the benefits of belonging to the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy!

Our Partner Organizations


Optimize movement for lifelong meaningful participation of all children.


Advance pediatric physical therapy through excellence in advocacy, education, and research.


The Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy is committed to:

  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Consumer-centric care
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Social responsibility


  1. ADVOCATE: Advocate for meaningful participation of all children.
  2. EDUCATE: Enhance educational pathways to practice in pediatric physical therapy.
  3. ELEVATE: Elevate pediatric physical therapist practice through the application of evidence.
  4. LEAD: Be a relevant, innovative, agile and responsible organization.


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