About APPT


Optimize movement for lifelong meaningful participation of all children.


Advance pediatric physical therapy through excellence in advocacy, education, and research.


The Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy is committed to:

    • Accountability
    • Collaboration
    • Consumer-centric care
    • Innovation
    • Professionalism
    • Social responsibility


  1. Advocate for meaningful participation of all children.
  2. Enhance educational pathways to practice in pediatric physical therapy.
  3. Elevate pediatric physical therapist practice through the application of evidence.
  4. Be a relevant, innovative, agile and responsible organization.
  • Click here to see the APPT 2018-20 Strategic Plan
  • Click here to see what the APPT was up to in 2017
  • Click here to see the minutes from the APPT Business Meeting at CSM 2018
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Click here to see the proposed changes to the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy bylaws. These proposed changes resulted from a comprehensive Governance Review that APPT embarked on in late August 2018 to better fulfill the Strategic Plan revision that occurred in October 2017 (formally adopted by membership at the 2018 APPT Business Meeting at APTA's Combined Sections Meeting).

The member vote to adopt these proposed bylaw changes will occur at the 2019 APPT Business Meeting at CSM, which will be held on Friday, January 25, 2019. Questions can be directed to [email protected].

Rationale for changes:

  • Article III: Objectives of organization - to simplify and align with APPT Strategic Plan, Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Article V: Removal of Regional Groups - the Academy underwent a Governance Review, which resulted in the elimination of region-based directors and a move to general directors that can more directly align with the objectives of the organization
  • Article VII: Removal of Regional Directors - again, reflecting the change of region-based directors to general directors (whose responsibilities will be outlined in the policy manual); Clarification of how to handle vacancies on the Board
  • Article VIII: Committees/Council: Special Election - outlining how the transition to general directors will be handled (we put this under Nominating and Elections Committee, but may be better under Article X Elections or as a separate proviso, since it's a one-time thing)
  • Article XI: Dues - removal of dues information from the bylaws
  • Article XIV: Indemnification - adding this to match best practice
  • Other edits to clarify or clean up

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